Who We Are

we are a project management and logistics company with the means and experience to handle a variety of jobs and the difficulties that commonly accompany them. We’re proficient in:

  • Airport to Airport Service
  • Door to Airport Service
  • Cargo Transport
  • Pick-up/Trucking
  • Customs Clearance
  • Much more!

Who We Are

Air Cargo Booking and Management
Freight Consolidation Services
Tracking and Tracing
Delivery Verification

Our Services


We are happy to lend you our skills in handling complex operations that involve lots of different people, facilities, supplies, and so much more; all within an established time-frame. As our focus is entirely on what benefits our clients, we also work towards saving you time and money in your endeavors, whenever and however we can.

Project Management

We take on a variety of jobs and assign the best Project Manager for them. From the largest goal to the smallest (and often the most crucial) detail, we make sure to always look out for YOU, the client. We are flexible enough, determined enough, and, most importantly, skilled enough to handle whatever comes our way; all for the sake of getting the job done for you.

Global Coverage

We handle projects that take place all over the world; The United States, Canada, Kenya, South Korea; you name the place, we probably got the T-Shirt while we were there! We are excellent at communicating with whomever, whenever we need to in order to get the job done as it should: with excellence.


Product Sales

MamaMata, our sister company, specializes in product sales; They're in possession of a large selection of African food, cloth, and hair products available in houston for local pick-up and all around North America via shipping.

Oil-Field Equipment

Matathia Inc., our parent company, has been a strong force in the distribution and manufacturing of oil equipment supply and accessories

Import/Export Consulting

Matathia Inc. is also a dynamic company committed to excellent service in oil-field equipment supply and US Import/Export consulting.